June Links

So we’ve passed the solstice once again, and July is almost on us.  The weather’s pretty good here and everything is green and lush.   We’re fully into berry season which I think might be my very favourite season of the year!

I was away for a few days on a retreat, and haven’t got back into my usual browsing habits (which is definitely a good thing!), but here are my June picks of the interweb for you

An important article here which tells you the signs and symptoms that might be heralding a heart attack within the next few weeks.  Let’s all make sure we know what they are!

I always forget just how fabulous strawberries and balsamic are – this is the salad I’m going to make at the weekend for a potluck lunch (if I can wait that long ……)

A bit of elder wisdom that we probably all know but don’t always put into practice (or is that just me?)!

Can you lengthen your life?  The research says you can.  This article particularly talks about exercise, and according to  Dr. Marie Bernard of the National Institute on Aging: “The combination of different types of exercise—aerobic, strength and balance training, and flexibility—is important to healthy aging.”

Any of the links really speaking to you this month?  Share your thoughts in the comments below, or on Facebook or Instagram.  Happy July to you when it comes!