My best (and worst!) health habits

I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours!

I’m going to start with my top 3 best health habits so you’ll think I’m great for a couple of minues, before I totally disillusion you with the bottom 3!

#1 I walk

I walk the dog at least one a day; when I’m going to work I park the car at the far side of a little wood and walk from there; I usually sneak out for a walk instead of a coffee break; and I park at the farthest end of the supermarket.  In my spare time, I quite like to go for a walk ….

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#2 I floss

I confess that I used to be an occasional flosser (usually when I had something stuck in my teeth!), but one time after a hygienist appointment I decided to see if flossing every day would keep ‘that dentist-clean feeling’.  It pretty much did.  Then after reading Younger by Sara Gottried I was convinced that I needed to get into the habit of flossing twice a day (I’ll write more about why another day).  So now I do, unless I’m really tired or in a big rush – lets keep it real here – and I’m in and out of the hygienist’s office in record time.  Result!  Who wants to have their teeth poked for half an hour?

#3 I hydrate

Fancy way of saying that I drink plenty.  I start the day with a pint of water and a dash of lemon juice, and end the day with a big glass of water swigged throughout the evening.  And of course water and green or herb tea throughout the day (and a couple of coffees too).  It’s a wonder I don’t spring a leak!  Read more about keeping hydrated at work here.

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That was the easy bit, now for the ones I find a bit more ‘challenging’!

#1 I don’t move enough of myself

I certainly do lots of walking, but I don’t do enough of other types of movement – the ones that build strength and flexibility.  I love yoga, but have got a bit out of the habit with having back and wrist issues this past year.  I keep hearing that strength training is really important as you get older, to counteract muscle loss and speed up metabolism, but I’m a bit scared of it and think maybe I need a personal trainer to get me started (this is called procrastination and making excuses!).

#2 Sugar

I’m not sure why I didn’t make this #1 – actually it could have been #1, #2 and #3!  I’m a sugar monster.  Mostly sweets and chocolate, I was never too bothered about biscuits and cakes.  Chocolate shows me who’s boss on a regular basis.  In the last couple of years I’ve done a few sugar fasts, usually for a month or so, and sometimes the momentum keeps me going for several more months and sometimes I end the month with a chocolate feast and I’m back to square one.

#3 Stress

This might surprise those of you who know me in real time.  People comment on how calm I am on a regular basis but I actually don’t  cope with stress very well and this has shown up health-wise for me at different times in my life as tension headaches, high blood pressure, digestive problems and eczema. I put it down to an over-developed perfectionist streak. Having a regular meditation practice has certainly helped me to identify that – now I just need to get my chill out on!


So, anyone brave enough to share some of their victories and challenges?  Tell you what, I’ll let you choose whether to share a good habit or one that needs a bit of work!  We’re all friends here ….


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4 Replies to “My best (and worst!) health habits”

  1. I think my worst habit is too much tv!! Bad for me in sooooo many ways!
    My best habit is trying to see the positive in everything. Trust me, it ain’t always easy!!!!

      1. I always try and look at the positive, so life for me is about balance and being good to yourself. Try and find time for the things you enjoy doing and don’t “punish” yourself when you don’t always get it right. Do what you can, enjoy what you’re doing ideally do it with a smile

        1. Great advice – finding balance (and that’s a constantly shifting thing – just think about that wobble when we stand on one leg!) requires us to tune in and listen to what our body really needs, not just once but on an ongoing basis.

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